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[WEEK FOUR] Ohkura


- You must be a member to participate
- Yasu (or something Yasu-related) must be in your icon
- Icons must be LJ compatible - 100x100 pixels and max 40KB
- You may submit up to THREE icons
- Do not enter an icon not made by you or entered in other icontests
- The icon must be new and not shown anywhere else until voting is done


Post using the < img src="URL" > tag, as well as the URL itself. The format is shown in the userinfo if you don't know what I mean. All submissions are screened so that nobody knows who has posted which icon. At the end of the week, they will be posted with a number instead of an identifying name to keep things as fair as possible.


All qualifying icons will be posted with a number at the end of the week. To vote, just make a post with the following format:

#1: your choice for first place (ex. icon 3)
#2: your choice for second place (ex. icon 21)
#3: your choice for third place (ex. icon 7)

Please remember not to vote for your own icon. We will know who did what so if you do, your icon will be disqualified. Voting is open to the public so you don't have to be a member to vote, just to participate.


The theme this week is Ohkura. This means to make icons that feature Yasu and Ohkura together.

Thanks and happy iconing! Deadline for submissions is March 8th. Deadline extended to the 14th March. Let's see your Yasu side, everyone! =)
Tags: 04: ohkura, submission

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