October 11th, 2008

eito dragon
  • mitani

[Week 17] voting

I really love the submission this time~
Even tho I'm sad that less and less people start to submit D:

To vote, just make a post with the following format:
#1: your choice for first place (ex. icon 3)
#2: your choice for second place (ex. icon 2)
#3: your choice for third place (ex. icon 7)

Please remember not to vote for your own icon. We will know who did what so if you do, your icon will be disqualified. Don't vote for the same icon twice either. Voting is open to the public so you don't have to be a member to vote, just to participate.

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Voting will end monday morning european time because I was late with posting the voting and comments to this post will be screened~